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Nantong Hongming Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is a venture which was established on 2019.The NTHMAM Co., Ltd. is situated in No.18 Guoxin South Road,Juegang Town,Nantong Jiangsu Province.The company occupies 24 thousand square meter of land area and has 15128 square meter of building area. Now it has possesses 160 principal production machines. The main products of the NTHMAM Co., Ltd. include high precise oil-impregnated bearings with low noise household electric appliances and micro-motors for three series of bronze, Copper-iron-based, iron-based and the high strength structural products£¨include Iron-Base,Bronze and SUS304,SUS316 Stainless Steel Powder Metallurgy Parts£©. The NTHMAM Co., Ltd. produce more than 800 tons Precise mechanical parts every year,45% products sold to European,America,South-East Asia and so on.

We pay attention to technological innovation in order to satisfy all kinds of customers¡¯ requirements. The company will serve customers with strong technique, high quality products, good service and low price. We will go forward hand in hand with numerous customers all over the world.

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